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Liquid > Solid > Ready? Comparison of Five Flowable Backfills for Sewer Pipe Trenches

Posted 14. October 2020
flowable backfill in test stand

We have evaluated with sewer network owners the suitability of “Flowable Backfill” for use sewer trench backfilling in an IKT-Compare evaluation of this technology. Five products were compared and all were found to flow well into 1:1 scale excavation pits in our large-scale test facility – around pipes and manholes shafts and into every corner of the simulated trenches. However, during the subsequent performance tests it became increasingly clear that…

International Roundup of advice on Coronavirus and Sewer Operation

Posted 15. May 2020
two men in front of screen

(last update 15th May 2020, 16:27 h CET) In view of the level of interest generated in Germany by the discussions about Coronavirus between the 60+ sewer network owners that are members of KomNetABWASSER / ComNet WasteWater (Community Network WasteWater) the members decided to make resources about corona virus and sewer network operation more widely available. IKT, as co-ordinator of the network, is therefore providing and updating these links to…

Online Seminar and Trade Show Event “Innovation and Knowledge for Sewer Technology” on 6th May 2020

Posted 29. April 2020
trade show re-enacted with playmobil figures

Normally, we would all be attending the huge IFAT Exhibition in Munich in early May, but it has been cancelled until next scheduled in 2022. So members of the IKT-Association of Industry and Service are coming together to bring to your home office what you would have seen and heard about on their stands at the trade show. Our one-day English language event “Innovation and Knowledge for Sewer Technology” takes…

Online Seminars: IKT Launches 6x Expert Knowledge Transfer Webinars

Posted 23. April 2020
Photo montage made up of portraits of seven men, an office building and a hall

IKT has spent 25 years addressing the issues sewer network owners have in extending the life of ageing assets, through practical research of the problems they are encountering. Using this, we provide extensive knowledge sharing and training to the German sewer network owners and now we are sharing this in the English language in a series of 6 live webinars, from 30th April 2020.

Important information from wastewater companies: Dispose of toilet paper alternatives correctly – avoid backflow from sewers

Posted 01. April 2020
empty toilet paper roll with the word don't panic written on it

The corona pandemic is forcing some people to take unusual measures. When supplies of toilet paper at home are exhausted and the shelves in the supermarkets are empty, people have to become creative. Then handkerchiefs, kitchen towel, non-flushable wet wipes and baby wipes, newspapers and, as we hear, even pages from books and old t-shirts are being used. You can do that if you don’t flush these things down the…